The Escort Training to Become a Legal Expert

For anybody that is not an expert, the law can be a minefield. Confusing rules and unfamiliar jargon will leave the layman unsure of what to do. This will lead to a lot of people facing unsuspected consequences, and possibly even legal action. With this in mind, it is advised to take the advice of legal experts whenever facing an issue that involves the law. Lawyers can charge quite a lot though, leaving their services unaffordable to many people. One London escort recognised this problem and is now looking to become a legal expert herself.

Facing Legal Battles

Brenda is a London escort who works as a London escort with palaceVIP, and she has faced legal issues of her own in the past. When her ex-husband filed for a divorce, she needed legal advice but found the costs too expensive. “It was such a stressful time for me, I didn’t know what to do”, she said. “I’m lucky that I have a lawyer friend and he agreed to help me”, she added. “I just don’t know what I would have done otherwise”.

Wanting to Help

Brenda has always wanted to help others, and she spotted a way that she could do just that. “When dealing with my divorce, I learned a lot about the law myself”, she said. “This gave me an idea that I can learn more and use my knowledge to help others”, she added. “I had a look online to see which courses are available and found plenty that are suitable”. “I’m not legally allowed to offer legal advice yet and the law is quite strict on that”, she added. “I do try and help friends where I can though”. “One friend of mine is going through a divorce herself at the moment so I’ve been letting her know what she needs to do”.

Affordable Service

“While I want enough money to support myself, I have no desire to become wealthy”, said Brenda. “With this in mind, I am happy to offer my services at a more affordable price”, she said. “I know some other lawyers might not like that, but there are other people that are more in need of help”. “I intend to help people that are struggling financially as they are in need of help the most”, said Brenda. “Those with more money can afford to pay for the more expensive services”, she finished.